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Seamless Integration

What we can do for you

Increase your F&B revenue

Our clients experience from 10-25% increased revenue, some even more

Improved guest satisfaction

Happier guests means better feedback and improved guest loyalty

Faster turnaround

We provide your guests with an easy way to let your staff know that they wish to pay, making room for new guests

More efficient staff

Let your staff service guests that need attention instead of wasting time being everywhere other than where they are needed


We are full service agreements at very affordable prices. Roughly said, if one call button installed sells 1 extra beverage per day, that button is more than paid for

Tailored to you

Our products are custom tailored to your existing look and feel making them a natural fit to your existing brand and style

Quality and reliability

We understand the importance of having equipment that works, all the time, every day. All products delivered by us are tough, durable and will keep on servicing you

... should it happen

In the rare case where our products should fail or in need of general maintenance, all our service agreements are inclusive of full service which means that we maintain your entire installation, making sure it performs for you each and every day.

and more...

We work for you and your satisfaction is our top priority. We are available for assistance 7 days a week on phone, email or Skype.
We are so confident in what we deliver works that if you for some reason are not satisfied with our products, you can cancel our contract within 30 days and you don't have to pay anything. Or said in a different way, you only pay if you're satisfied with what we provide.
Our clients from accross the world have proven that no matter where, we create results. We have happy clients as far away as Greenland.

A few selected clients already enhanced by happy about enjoying the innovations from Touch Thailand...

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