What and why?

What is The Waiter Button and Why does it matter to you?

The Waiter Button is a brand by Touch Thailand and was created to innovate the way the hospitality industry interact with their guests. We have created, and continue to improve, a solution with true benefit and no downsides or compromises on existing infrasture, management or staff procedure - a unique accomplisment on its own. We strongly believe that "if you don't keep evolving and meet guest expectation" you will see a business move elsewhere. With the solutions we offer, we bring you closer to your guests, improve their experience, and they in return will thank you by spending more. Happier guests and more money at the end of the day. How's that for a win-win situation?

In simplicity, our solutions consists of 2 parts; Call Buttons for guests, beautifully crafted in tailor made colors embedded in high quality acryllic stands positioned at key guest locations, - and notification receiving equipment operated by the staff. The simplistic setup allows for anyone to understand and use the products, regardless of age or prior knowledge of the products. Press a button and receive service, - it's that simple.

Happy guests = more orders = increased revenue

If give your guest the option to order af frequently as they please, knowing that staff are standing by at a push of a button, they will order more. If they feel that their needs are being forfilled quickly and when they need it, they will order more. More orders means more money in the box and we've proven that it works, time after time as testified by our many (very) satisfied customers. Increasing revenue with 10-30% is no small feat, and something that's not easy obtained, and especially not something that's consistant or free of charge. Well, or solutions provide just that. Each and every day and without you having to spend money on advertising or special events. Our solution simply allows for the guest you already have to spend more, it's as simple as that.

Ease of mind - for guests and for staff

As a guest, having a personal "Waiter Button" at your side gives you the comfort of knowing, that if you need anything, you simply make use of the call button next to you. Whenever you need something, you press the button and moments later, a staff member will be there to attend to your needs. If you need to pay, you simply press the "bill" button and soon after, your bill will arrive and you are ready to leave and continue your day. No more frustation over finding staff members or worrying about being late for an appointment because paying your bill takes too long. As a guest, it gives you the convinience you expect and deserve.

No more getting annoyed trying to find staff to attend you

At one time or another, we've all been there. We are sitting in a restaurant or around the pool, wanting something to eat or to drink. We look around, looking left, looking right, trying to catch eyecontact with at a staff member. Nobody's around. You wait. And you wait. Finally, you see someone in the distance. You get eyecontact, or so you think, just to realize that the staff member either didn't see you, or didn't understand that the frustated look on your face meant that you needed something - or worse, the staff member knows that you need something, but aren't in the mood to walk all the way over there to ask what you need. Having our solution in place solves that. No more waiwing, no more feeling stupid for waving your hands in the air with nobody seeing you, no more feeling unappreciated or unvalued as a paying customer. With your personal Waiter Button by your side, service and attention is only a click away. Click "call" and a nearby staff member will be notified that you need service. It's very much like the "service button" you find in airplanes, just better. Finally, your needs and expectations are now being met.

For staff members, this is a tool that helps you keep your guests happy and relaxes. It will help you feel less stress and instead of running around, checking each and every guest all the time, you can now take your time and give your guests the service they deserve, without leaving other guests feeling left behind. If they need your attention, they will press they person Waiter Button. Our solution is not meant as a replacement for you, but as a tool to help you service your guests and to keep them happy. Less stress, less worry.

Our products are a win for guests and a win for the service staff.

Want to learn more? Contact us today and find out how we can increase your revenue and improve your customer satisfaction.