How it Works

How The Waiter Buttons works for you to improve service

Powerful technology combined with simplistic operation is the keystone of what makes The Waiter Button such a sucess for both clients and their guests.

The frustration everyone faces

The Waiter Button and its product line came to be from our own personal frustrations. Who haven't tried sitting at a restaurant, a bar or at a pool, trying desperately to get a hold of a waiter. It's frustrating and annoying, and sometimes even embarrasing to sit and wave your hands in the air for a long period of time with no avail - and that's if you're even lucky enough to spot a staff member.

The solution

The setup consists of 2 parts. The receiver and the buttons. The setup is wireless up to 300 meters and the receiver will display table/location information and sound an audio notifcation when a customer presses one of the buttons. The simplistic approach ensures an easy to use system by both customer and staff. Further more, all buttons are water proof, so they can be left outside in any weather or placed near a swimming pool without any concern.

If you want to give your customers a better experience, a faster service - and if you want more sales - then The Waiter Button is for you. Contact us today for more information.

The change after implementation


Core Products

The products by The Waiter Button operates wirelessly on radio frequencies which in contained in a closed system that does not interfere with your existing systems or WiFi setup.

Need more sales?

Easy access to staff means an easier way for customers to order. Having a Waiter Button in front of the customer means that a new sale is only a press of a button away. No more waving hands, no more struggling for attention.

Attend to your customers

As soon as a customer presses a Waiter Button your staff will be notified and can attend the customer. Have multiple customers pressing buttons at the same time? No problem. The receiver will keep track of the customers and let your waiters process each request, once by one.

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