NFC Enhanced Products

We constantly update our products to include the newest in technology

Our products are more than simple hardware, it's an extension of you and your business. It's your link to your guest and as such, we constantly evolve and enhance our products to give you more options to connect with the guests you serve - for their benefit and yours.

With the addition of NFC directly inside our call buttons, you are now able to connect with your guests via their smartphones. They simply need to tap their smartphone on any call button, and their phone will now display what you want them to see - this could either be your Facebook page, your company website, a special offer - or something entirely different. What they are being shown after they connect is totally up to you, and we are able to change the content for you on a weekly or monthly basis, without you having to even touch the call buttons - the content is controlled from a cloud based system which all call buttons are connected to.

If you are an existing client wanting to upgrade your existing products, please contact us for a great deal.